The Lascaux Review

Do you have a story that needs to be told, but is not receiving the reader attention you would like? Author friend Stephen Parrish is collaborating with author Wendy Russ to start an online literary journal titled, The Lascaux Review.

They are currently accepting submissions from both writers and artists. Unlike other literary journals that publish issues, they will take a more blog-like approach and post works as soon as they are accepted and ready to publish. You can subscribe to the site to receive announcements. They will also hold flash fiction contests and award annual prizes for best fiction pieces and poems.

Please visit their sites for more information on how to submit your story or artwork.

Blog Chain: Loving Our Villians

This week's Blog Chain is brought to us by Amparo, who asks:

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I think it's only appropriate to pay homage to those we love. But instead of our better halves, family members, and friends, this blog chain will be all about loving the haters: write a love letter to your favorite literary villain/villain-ish character. It can be short, long, serious, funny. You can use song lyrics or poems instead. Choice is totally yours :)

I had to take a moment to decide who I wanted to write a love letter to, but then the answer became obvious. Who better than an author's ultimate fan? Anne Wilkes From Stephen King's Misery.

Stephen King's Misery is the ultimate fan worship movie. The love/hate relationship is legendary. We love having fans for our writing. But when the fan's adoration turns a bit... um... psycho fanatic, then we can't stand to have that person around.

So here is a letter to you, Anne Wilkes...

Dear Anne:

You are the author's best friend. You become a part of the writing that an author puts out, sinking into the characters in the book until you actually believe they are REAL. You feel the character's pain, love, anger, laughter. You experience every scene with the character. Who better than to have as an ultimate fan? You even name your pig after the main character.

But you are even more than this. You are a great critique partner. When Paul Sheldon lets you read his latest manuscript, you give him the helpful feedback that he needed. You told him you didn't like the manuscript. Then you made him set it on fire and continue writing his other series. You are the best critique partner a writer could have.

You are also inspirational. You encourage Paul to keep writing no matter what. And when procrastination sets in (as in Paul wanting to escape) you make sure Paul sits his butt back in that chair and keep at it. You even go and break his ankles to let him know that writing is the most important thing he should be doing.

So this letter is to you, Anne Wilkes, the author's ultimate fan.

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