Blog Chain: Let Your Mind Surprise You

So cool! Another blog chain has arrived and CP Eric posted this round's question:

When was the last time you just sat down and started writing, with nothing but a whisper of an idea to guide you?  Did you find it easy to do or did you find yourself struggling for a more organized story

Yeah... so you're asking if I'm a panster, throwing out idea stories willy-nilly with no idea what's going on with the characters or plot. Do I just take a whisper of an idea and run with it like a streaker running past a horny frat boy house?

I feel a breeze up my knickers.

Yes, I sit down and start writing all the time with no outline to the story (or blog post as I wing this too), and just allow my fingers to type away---letting them surprise me with what's written on the screen. For all I know, my fingers may start typing about exploding mutant zombies as a scientist tries to find a cure using ground up vampire fangs so that normal humanity won't lose it's undead work force/army against the raging bloodsuckers.

Wow, now that whisper sounds interesting! Um... you'll have to excuse me. I have some writing to do. Visit Sandra and the rest of the fellow blog chainers for their answers.

I'm doing a guest blog post today!

At fellow blog chainer's Christine Forensca place. Go read and leave a comment for a chance to win cool book swag and other prizes.