Pitch Paragraph Contest - Theme is Luck

The good people hosting the Book Roast blog are having a pitch paragraph session on Tuesday, March 17. Since it is the official St. Patrick’s Day . . . uh . . . day, the theme is Luck.

That’s right. Craft a pitch paragraph (real or for fun) within 75 words featuring this theme and post it over there. The judges are several blogging editors who will choose their favorites among the entries. Share in the day of fun from 7am to 7pm Eastern Standard Time. Then, afterward, go out and get your drunk on.

Hm? Yes, I do plan to submit a pitch. I just don’t know which one. I spent the whole weekend making reserve posts for my more active blog, The Surly Writer. Then I spent the rest of the time coming up with pitches. I did not want to change the pitch for the manuscript that I am currently submitting to agents just to fit these guidelines. So I am freestyling with several works-in-progress.

Anyway, I have several pitch paragraphs that I must choose from and I will post them here for everyone to see. Come Tuesday, I will make my decision.
Pitch paragraph 1: Stanza - 78 words (need to cut out three words)

Blue Triage: Being a fan of this band can kill you, but at least you’ll die famous.

Trevor dreams of becoming an idolized rock star. He buys picture frames for the paparazzi photos of him lying in the toilet next to a whiskey bottle. Suffering from writer’s block, his luck changes when a lyrical roadie overdoses - leaving behind hit songs. Overcome with greed, Trevor begins killing other musicians. Yet his band mates become suspicious of their sudden fame.
Pitch paragraph 2: The Stoneman - 75 words

Graham has found good fortune not within a four-leaf clover, but inside a stone. He lifted his Coors beer at the heavens in prayer and the glowing rock came down. It is a miracle for his critically-ill son since the stone gives life to anything it touches, although someone else’s life has to end for it to work. A life for a life is the moral choice Graham must make in this suspense, The Stoneman.
Pitch paragraph 3: Scary Darling - 75 words

George has the greatest job. He works near the Broadway star, Mabel Durhan: a temperamental singer at odds with a rival actress. When Mabel wants her competition to disappear, it is his lucky day as he demands for her undying love in reward for his help. Yet Mabel marries a Broadway producer instead. So George has to remind her that it is a bad idea to renege on a deal made with the Grim Reaper.
Pitch paragraph 4: The Tragedy of Paul Gruyna - 75 words

Monique cannot believe her luck when Jeff agrees to have all-night sex with her. The opportunity to murder the man who killed her sister is making Monique all giddy inside. Yet when wiping the blood away from his tattoo, she realizes that she had killed the wrong man. Instead, this is Jeff’s twin brother, Paul. Now Monique must hide her secret from Jeff who begins to fall in love with her during his investigations.


  1. Oooh! I like the one with Monique.

  2. Anita: Yes, Monique is an interesting character. I'm not sure I'll choose this one for the pitch contest. But I might.

  3. Michelle,

    I don't know if your theatre book is anywhere near completion, or even if it's the right genre, but I saw this on Twitter this morning.

    'Are you a MG or YA author who has written a fabulous book set in a theatre? I love backstage books, query me!'

    See http://twitter.com/literaticat

    You can "Reply" to her there, if this is useful

  4. Fran: Thanks for dropping by and for the information!

    Unfortunately, my story is definitely not the right genre, and even if it was I could not send out a query right now. I'm only five chapters in and I also sent a query for my other manuscript to someone else in the same agency. But I'll keep this agent in mind!


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