Blog Chain: Remembered by...

It's another link in the blog chain, and my time is here. Shannon asked this week's topic, which is...

Imagine this: when you are gone, readers will remember your writing most for just one of these things: your characters, your plots, your settings, or your style. Which (only one!) would you prefer over the rest? Why?

I'm dead, yet I'm suppose to care??? Um... methinks I would rather be alive and just be glad my readers remember my name enough to pick up my book from the shelf - once I get that far with my writing. But if I were to croak.. ack... ack... I would like people to remember me enough to not burn my novels in joy.

Okay, seriously, if I'm dead I would like people to remember me by what I was like: my charm, my effervescent personality, how I interacted with people... er, I mean I would like people to remember my characters. How they possess charm to stay in the memory. How they have such personalities to make people laugh, or cry, or kill over crying with laughter. I want my characters' interactions to be so real that readers can relate to them in their own lives.

I would like readers to remember me by my characters, although a few flowers on my grave would be nice too.

You know the drill by now. Eric's post came before mine. Kat's post will come afterward. Read both.

flowers... I want flowers... red carnations... on my grave... or I'll haunt you!!!!


  1. Good point, Michelle! It's nice to be remembered as a person too, not just an author.

  2. This sounds like a Surly Writer post rather than a Michelle Hickman one. But, I suppose we can forgive ya since it is doom and gloom, your death and all. And red carnations. Got it! Of course, having my own real personal ghost might be cool at parties too. Decisions, decisions.

  3. Red carnations: check! I considered adding author qualities to the list -- e.g. your work as a teacher or mentor to other writers -- but wanted to keep the focus on the written product.

  4. Anonymous10:35:00 AM

    Great point--being remembered as who you were as a goes beyond novels.

    Hmm, I still have no idea how to answer this question for myself...

  5. I loved answering this question. I don't think many writers even consider what readers will think of our writing after we're gone.

  6. Hey Michelle - I loved this question too! Great answer, BTW

  7. Great point! I would hope the quality of my character would live after me as well as the the quality of my books :)

  8. LOL! I'm there with you. Characters, plots? Nah, just remember to my book, I have bills to pay ;)


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