Blog Chain: Let Your Mind Surprise You

So cool! Another blog chain has arrived and CP Eric posted this round's question:

When was the last time you just sat down and started writing, with nothing but a whisper of an idea to guide you?  Did you find it easy to do or did you find yourself struggling for a more organized story

Yeah... so you're asking if I'm a panster, throwing out idea stories willy-nilly with no idea what's going on with the characters or plot. Do I just take a whisper of an idea and run with it like a streaker running past a horny frat boy house?

I feel a breeze up my knickers.

Yes, I sit down and start writing all the time with no outline to the story (or blog post as I wing this too), and just allow my fingers to type away---letting them surprise me with what's written on the screen. For all I know, my fingers may start typing about exploding mutant zombies as a scientist tries to find a cure using ground up vampire fangs so that normal humanity won't lose it's undead work force/army against the raging bloodsuckers.

Wow, now that whisper sounds interesting! Um... you'll have to excuse me. I have some writing to do. Visit Sandra and the rest of the fellow blog chainers for their answers.


  1. I hope you can work in a love triangle between the scientist, a fairy, and a ghost!

  2. You know ... I probably could :)

  3. LOL, you are so awesome. You are the panster queen I wish I could, a king maybe but you know what I mean. If you DO write that story, you better share it with me :)

  4. You want to know what's really eerie, I'm actually still thinking about the zombie idea. And the love triangle could actually work.

    The scientist is in love with the tooth fairy (which is just a pet name for the huntress he hired to kill the vampires for their fangs) and is haunted by the ghost of an ex-lover who was once a vampire herself killed by the "tooth fairy" huntress, The killing is unknown to the scientist, as he fills massive guilt for killing his lost love's kin for humanity's own lazy desires by relying to heavily on their zombie slaves.

  5. Anonymous1:12:00 PM

    Wow, that't quite an excerpt! ;)


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