Blog Chain: The Things That Go BUMP in the Night!

It's Blog Chain time again. New member Matt has come up with a fun question for us.

What is your all-time favorite monster? You can take this in any direction you'd like. For example: my most bad-ass monster would easily be a dragon, and it is my favorite in some ways, but you don't have to go with that kind of measurement. Like me, you could go with the most ridiculously hilarious monster you ever heard of, or, like Stephanie Meyer, you could go with the most romantic creature to ever grace the pages of mythology. Or like Carrie Ryan, you could choose the old standby: Zombies. One alone might not be much to handle, but the horde is probably the single most powerful monster force ever invented in gaming, film, literature, or legend. It's up to you: what's your favorite monster?

I've been debating about this for quite some time. It's not that I don't have a favorite monster. It was whether I wanted to go literal and choose a monster that was *sort of* flesh and bone. Or whether I wanted to be more metaphorical and choose a creature that existed only in the dark deep pits of the human soul and mind where we fear to tread.

Decisions... decisions....

There have been monsters that scared me as a kid. And there have been monsters that I truly loved due to their lovable nature. And there have been ones that I absolutely loathed. Like the one below. Truly, I loath him. If I ever see one dancing on the store shelf, I might just go Jason with the hockey mask and machete on his little red a**!

It is interesting how many people on the blog chain haven't chosen monsters from literature. There are some dozzies out there -- the original monsters. I don't mean so much of the vampires or witches. But the other creatures that get downplayed, like the giants, ogres or goblins that can rank pretty high on the monster list.

Oh well. If I must choose a monster, I will choose one due to his spunk. This guy is one mean dude. He could beat out against any dragon, muppet or Twilight character in a caged death match. Seriously, he is the monster of all monsters. Although he can speak English, he sticks with his main language of "rathsmagrably-spithzz." You could hear him coming miles away as he approached as a whirlwind of ferocious claws and teeth. He is a spitting, eating machine.

Katrina posted her favorite monster here. Eric will posts his tomorrow.


  1. I don't think any parent likes Elmo. I guess I should be happy my son never developed an interest in Sesame Street.

  2. Matt: It was a toss-up between Taz and the Green Martian.

    Sandra: They just played Elmo to death, and then advertised him to the extreme. I grew up with Sesame Street before the Elmo craze. I don't mind my daughter seeing the older episodes.

  3. Good lord, I feel the same way about Elmo. Gives me the creeps, especially when he wants to be tickled. ;)

    Love the fourth pic. Rackham? Love his stuff.

  4. Wooohooo! Let's hear it for Taz! Awesome choice, Michelle. Oh, and now I know what to send you for Christmas. I bet the Overlord could definitely use a bright, red, loud Elmo :D

  5. LOL! That was cute! :)

  6. I love Taz! He's the best!

    I thought all monsters originated in literature. I know my favorite kind (faeries) did.

    Pretty sure Elmo could take that Zombie, btw. He'd tickle the thing to second-death. :) Great post!

  7. LOL Taz rocks!! :D So funny, every time I read another post I want to change my monsters :D These are all awesome!

  8. Ha - love it! Taz is totally my type of monster!

  9. Taz cracks me up, but I LOVE Elmo! He's just a sweetie. :-)

  10. Okay, so that zombie picture? Yeah, that just freaked me the eff out. So hanks for that. ;)


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