Can't Miss Contest!

A lunch with agents Janet Reid and Suzie Townsend.

A query critique from agents Kathleen Ortiz, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, or Colleen Lindsay.

A 30-40 page critique from Suzie Townsend.

Come on, people! Those are the PRIZES!!!

Go here now. Yes, right now. You have to pick up little Bobbie from soccer practice and little Mandy from ballet school?

Let them walk home. They need the exercise.

Okay, I'm joking about the last sentence above. Go pick them up. You have the time - up until April 25.

But why wait? Skip the cooking. Pick up pizza for dinner. The kids will be happy about it. Go here now. Enter to win. And stop by and thank BJ for dropping the news on her blog.


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