Blog Chain: A Time and A Place Still Far Away

The awesome BJ has this round’s topic. Eric posted before me, and Christine will post afterward. The question at hand is:

Is there a place you like to write that's extra special? Have you carved out a writing niche? Is there a certain time of day (or night) when the words fall into place, and your brain is focused on nothing but writing?

I write everywhere and any time that affords a comfy seat and a quiet atmosphere with my I-pod blaring through the ear buds. It used to be here in my apartment. (Please excuse the fuzziness in the photo.)

Until I began having problems with my living arrangements when someone tried to break in back in May. When that endeavor failed, as in the person announced his attempted robbery plans loudly on his cell phone outside my open kitchen window beforehand, which allowed me to take the necessary precautions, I began having problems with the tenants living below my apartment (odd coincidence this started right after someone failed to break in . . . oh well).

Anyway, I contacted the landlord on June 4 who planned on moving me into a different place (currently being remodeled) so I wouldn’t have to break my lease or deal with anymore shenanigans. I was supposed to move in on July 1. Yet the landlord called June 29 to inform me it would take another month for the construction. So I’m not in my new place and haven’t any photos to share.

Such is life.

At the moment I’m visiting a friend, enjoying the relative peace and quiet. Perhaps when things settle down I’ll do another post about my new place and where I’ll carve out my special writing niche.
On brighter news, Sarah Bromley, fellow Blog Chain participant, has just accepted an offer of representation for her novel. Go give her major props! And Christine has graciously given a glimpse of her new book cover (novel release date is Oct. 15th 2010). Go check it out also!


  1. Oh, Michelle, thanks for the shout out! That was so sweet and unexpected!!!

    It's unfortunate that you've had to deal with so much upheaval with your living situation. We lived next to a drug dealer about 8 years ago, and it was awful--people coming and going at all times of night, occasionally fights and police. It was a nice townhouse but hellish neighbors. I do hope that the new place will give you the relaxing environment you deserve!

  2. Eek! I'm so glad you're okay. Back in the day, I used to room with a stripper. Needless to say, she was always inviting shady characters over and, despite the lock on my bedroom door, my stuff was forever getting stolen. To this day, (13 years later) I'm still reaping the effects. The other day I opened an old AC/DC cd case only to find my AC/DC cd had been replaced with a Backstreet Boys CD. NOT COOL.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Michelle! And sorry about the living sit! Glad you're okay.

  4. Yikes! Thank goodness for stupid would-be robbers! I hope things get worked out soon!

  5. Awww Michelle, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you to get somewhere better. Just stay safe until then. When you do move though, it'd be awesome if you share images with us.

    Cole - You were seriously robbed. Nobody should ever touch AC/DC. That's heresy!

  6. Stay safe, Michelle! glad you were able to head off the hooligans. Best of luck with your new place!

  7. Anonymous8:30:00 PM

    That's terrible! So sorry about your living situation! You seem to take it all in stride. I would be so much more freaked out! Hope you get into your new place soon!

  8. Anonymous1:11:00 PM

    Yikes! I hope you find a safe place soon.

    I gotta have the tunes blasting too!

  9. Oh no - it sounds like you not only need a place to write, but a better place to live as well! Geez, hope you get into the new place soon and stay safe until then!

  10. Man, that stinks! I would get a great big doberman or something -- although you probably can't have a dog in your apartment. Sigh. I hope everything gets worked out soon and you're able to enjoy your writing space and not worry about burglars.


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